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Thomas’s Journey to Independence with Achieve and Thrive

Meet Thomas, a 25-year-old man navigating life with schizophrenia and polysubstance abuse disorder in supported accommodation. Most of his adolescence and early adulthood were spent in acute mental health facilities. Despite significant challenges, including a diagnosis that led to prolonged stays in mental health facilities, Thomas’s resilience shines through. Upon transitioning to the care of an NDIS provider, he encountered regulated practices aimed at managing his mental health.

Despite making significant progress over three years by abstaining from illicit substances and making positive life choices, Thomas felt frustrated by the ongoing restrictions that limited his autonomy. The involvement of the Achieve and Thrive team marked a turning point in his journey. The team adopted a multidisciplinary approach to address Thomas’s complex needs comprehensively

Multidisciplinary Support for Comprehensive Care

The intervention of the Achieve and Thrive team marked a turning point. They adopted a multidisciplinary approach to address Thomas’s needs effectively:

  1. Building Rapport and Understanding Goals: Through regular catchups, the team built trust and identified Thomas’s aspirations, crucial for tailored support. They took the time to listen, understand, and empathize with Thomas’s experiences, fostering a strong therapeutic relationship.
  2. Engaging Family and Community Services: Involving Thomas’s family and collaborating with mental health services ensured a holistic care plan, maximizing resources for his benefit. This collaborative effort extended beyond formal meetings, with the team actively involving Thomas’s loved ones in decision-making processes and treatment planning.
  3. Audit and Tailored Plans: Assessing existing restrictions led to refined safety and behaviour support plans, promoting autonomy and safety. The team conducted a thorough audit of Thomas’s current practices, carefully considering the necessity and impact of each restriction to develop a personalized plan that respected his autonomy while ensuring his well-being.
  4. Skills Development Programs: Phasing out restrictions and fostering new capabilities empowered Thomas’s journey towards independence. The team implemented structured skill development programs tailored to Thomas’s interests and goals, equipping him with the tools and confidence needed to navigate daily challenges and pursue his aspirations.

Thomas's Journey

Structured Support and Transformative Outcomes

Weekly meetings focused on breaking down goals into manageable steps, while monthly reviews ensured progress tracking and adjustments. The outcomes were profound:

  • Improved Mental Wellness: Thomas experienced reduced anxiety and depression, thanks to tailored support and monitoring. With the help of the Achieve and Thrive team, Thomas learned effective coping strategies and gained insight into managing his mental health challenges, leading to a significant improvement in his overall well-being.
  • Increased Autonomy: Removal of unnecessary restrictions empowered Thomas to navigate life with greater freedom and confidence. With newfound autonomy, Thomas regained control over aspects of his life that were previously restricted, such as going for walks independently and making decisions about his daily activities.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Skill development programs boosted Thomas’s confidence and self-esteem, facilitating his journey towards independence. Through participation in various skill-building activities and workshops, Thomas developed a sense of accomplishment and pride in his abilities, which translated into increased confidence in himself and his capabilities.

Empowering Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Through seamless cooperation among professionals from various fields within Achieve and Thrive, Thomas received holistic support tailored to his unique needs. This collaborative approach transcended conventional silos, enabling a nuanced understanding of Thomas’s challenges and aspirations. As a result, not only did his mental wellness improve significantly, but he also gained the tools and confidence to steer his life towards independence. Achieve and Thrive’s commitment to integrated care exemplifies how multidisciplinary collaboration can drive transformative outcomes, empowering individuals like Thomas to thrive.

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