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behaviour support

The behaviour support service we offer is designed to provide personalised strategies that cater to the unique needs of our participants.

Our goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of problematic behaviours while enhancing overall well-being and quality of life. We take a responsive approach to ensure that our strategies are effective and sustainable for each person we work with. Through guidance, training, and support participants can achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.

Mobile and Telehealth service

We can come to you, and we can also offer telehealth service for people who are less mobile.

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Meet our team

Gina Mazzolani, Director


Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner

Gina has over 15 years’ experience in senior clinical, managerial, and practice leadership roles across government and non-government agencies. She participated in development of safeguarding frameworks in the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

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Daniel Salvatorie



Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner

Daniel supports adults with a range of intellectual and physical disabilities in supported accommodation, family homes, and hospital and correctional settings. He is a professional member of Behaviour Support Practitioners Australia and has accreditation with the National Quality and Safeguards Commission.

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Nazar Adam



Behaviour Support Practitioner

Nazar is passionate about understanding behaviour from a compassionate and supportive perspective. He aims to help individuals develop skills and strategies that improve their quality of life, focusing on what is most important to them and their families.

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Safaa Rayan



Behaviour Support Practitioner

Safaa is passionate about supporting individuals using person centred therapeutic interventions and works with participants and their support systems in Campbelltown and Wollongong to reach their individual goals.

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Why Achieve & Thrive?

At Achieve & Thrive our team is experienced in complex behaviour support cases. We look at the person as a whole and this also involves the systems that may impact a person.

Our approach to behaviour support is unique in that we not only conduct a thorough assessment, but we also develop a comprehensive behaviour support plan that is tailored to the individual’s needs. We understand the importance of ensuring that the person’s support team is fully equipped to implement the plan, which is why we provide ongoing support through team meetings, coaching, incident debriefing, and regular training. Our goal is to ensure positive outcomes for the individual as well as their support team.


We always make sure that:


  • The plan is effective in addressing behaviours of concern and promoting a person’s quality of life
  • We provide ongoing support to the person’s support team as the person’s needs change
  • We work with other allied health professionals to seek the best outcome of the person we support

Gina has been instrumental in supporting our adult son Jacob develop and progress towards greater independence and in doing so, has helped my husband and I with important decisions about Jacob’s mental wellness and future potential.


We are so impressed with the training and support we have received from Achieve and Thrive.
We have been really excited to see the staff develop and retain their new skills and using it in practice.


Gina and her support during plan development and training have been thorough, proactive and hands on!

Gina provides excellent service to both clients and support workers. There are many follow ups, frequent check ins and ad-hoc support when we need that little bit extra!