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Behaviour Management Consultants for Positive Outcomes

NDIS Behavioural Therapy


NDIS registered Behaviour Support Specialist.

We are a Sydney based, NDIS registered and certified behaviour support specialist provider with over 15 years’ experience in behaviour support assisting NDIS participants between 5-65 years of age.

At Achieve & Thrive we understand the complexities of behaviour. We assist participants and their support network: family, caregivers, service providers and staff to identify the underlying reasons for certain behaviours.

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Behaviour therapy

Behaviour therapy, also known as behaviour modification, is a type of psychological treatment that focuses on changing or modifying specific behaviours in individuals.

Behaviour Support Specialist

Specialist behaviour support (SBS) is a critical service offered under the NDIS. It aims to enhance the quality of life and well-being of individuals with complex needs.

NDIS accommodation assessment

Our NDIS accommodation matching assessment aims to determine the most suitable living arrangements for participants whether it’s group homes or other accommodations.

NDIS clinical supervision

Clinical supervision is a widely used practice across various disciplines. Its primary purpose is to provide support and guidance to practitioners, while also ensuring that the quality of participant care remains high.


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Who can access behavioural support specialist services under the NDIS?

Behaviour therapy is available for individuals funded for the following support categories:

Capacity Building

  • improved relationships
  • improved daily living

I have a complex case, can you assist?

Yes, we can! We are registered for specialist behaviour support and have extensive experience working with complex cohorts.

Who is behaviour therapy for?

Behaviour therapy is for NDIS participants who engage in behaviours of concern that are challenging or difficult to manage.


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