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Specialist Behaviour Support (SBS) is a critical service offered under the NDIS. It aims to enhance the quality of life and well-being of individuals with complex needs.

This comprehensive support addresses behaviours of concern, promotes skill development, and fosters a positive and inclusive environment for NDIS participants. When engaging with our SBS services, participants can experience significant benefits that enhance their overall quality of life with the help of our behaviour support therapist.

We work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, from children over 5 years of age with developmental disabilities to adults with mental health conditions. We also work with families, schools, and other professionals to provide a coordinated approach to behaviour support.

Our approach

At Achieve & Thrive our professionals focus on understanding and addressing behaviours of concern in individuals with disabilities. Our primary goal is to identify the underlying causes of behaviours of concern and develop personalised strategies to address them effectively.


What is included in the behaviour support process?


Interim behaviour support plans

These include crisis management and safely strategies. If a person is engaging in unsafe behaviours where they require immediate support, we provide interim behaviour support plans. These plans are to provide immediate and short-term assistance to mitigate immediate risk and contain response strategies.

Functional assessment

We begin with a thorough assessment of the participant's behaviour, environment, and individual needs. This assessment helps us identify triggers and consequences that contribute to behaviours of concern. It involves gathering information from the participant, their families, and other relevant stakeholders.

Person-centred planning

We have a person-centred approach, and we recognise the unique needs, preferences, and strengths of our participants. The plan is tailored to the individual, ensuring their active involvement, and promoting self-determination. The strategies we develop are aimed to promote positive behaviours and reduce the occurrence of behaviours of concern.

Positive behaviour support strategies

We focus on positive behaviour support strategies to teach and reinforce appropriate behaviours. This approach helps enhance communication skills and develop coping mechanisms. We teach new skills and provide support to assist participants successfully navigate challenging situations.

Collaborative approach

Collaboration among all involved in the participant’s life is crucial for a successful outcome. In our experience when family members, caregivers, support workers, therapists, and other professionals work together, we can implement the strategies consistently across different environments.

How can NDIS participants benefit from specialist behaviour support?

Improved quality of life

By reducing behaviours of concern, participants can experience an improved quality of life and increased independence, which positively impacts their overall well-being.

Enhanced social interactions

Specialist behaviour support equips participants with social skills, communication techniques, and appropriate behaviour strategies. They can build positive relationships, interact with others more effectively, and participate in social activities.

Skill development

SBS focuses on developing participants’ functional skills and promoting their independence. This may include self-care, daily living skills, vocational training, and educational pursuits.

Family support

Specialist behaviour support not only benefits the participant but also provides invaluable support to their families and caregivers. It offers guidance, training, and resources to assist families in understanding and managing behaviours of concern.

Long-term sustainable solutions

SBS aims to create lasting positive change. Participants develop skills and strategies that can be applied throughout their lives, ensuring sustainable behavioural improvements.

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